Malhar Medley, Bengaluru, by Good Earth Eco Futures and Jayakumar & Associates


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Malhar Medley, Bengaluru, by Good Earth Eco Futures and Jayakumar & Associates 1

Set in the mildly undulating four-acre parcel of land, Medley is a community housing project adhering to the ethos of sustainability. During the global recession, we saw an increase in demand across all economic sectors. Thus, four distinct home types are amalgamated within the single community: Townhouses, Apartments, Villaments, and Walk-up homes with common infrastructure and amenities shared by all the residents.

Townhouses – Inspired by the ‘aangans’ of traditional homes, these are two-floored homes featuring a front and a rear garden.

Apartments – A sky-lit central atrium is the main feature of the apartment block housing a landscaped garden.

Villaments – these are compact units, about 1000 sq ft. with a large backyard garden.

Walk-up homes – These are two storeyed duplex floors above the villaments with an external staircase allowing non-nuclear families to stay connected in the same building with privacy.

Landscape – Creating a sense of identity for each space, the meticulously designed landscape creates an ecological balance.

The material palette

At the heart of the project’s design ethos lay a steadfast commitment to the careful selection of materials that embodied the core values of sustainability, comfort, and long-lasting durability. This meticulous selection was exemplified by the conscious use of natural materials, including earth blocks (CSEBs) – an innovative building material made from the very soil excavated on-site, underscoring the project’s dedication to minimizing environmental impact.

These earth blocks, alongside stone and wood, were thoughtfully chosen for their ability to seamlessly blend aesthetics with eco-friendliness. They not only lent a visual harmony to the living spaces but also integrated seamlessly with the surrounding natural environment. The decision to primarily source materials locally was a deliberate one, focusing on both efficiency in production and the reduction of the project’s carbon footprint through minimized transportation.

In line with the holistic approach, a profound commitment to residents’ well-being extended to the selection of non-toxic, low VOC paints. These paints contributed to the creation of an indoor environment where inhabitants could breathe easy, free from the harmful emissions commonly associated with traditional paints. The project’s material palette, thus, embodies its overarching philosophy, illustrating that every element was chosen with meticulous care, striving to create homes that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally responsible.

Project Details

Project name: Malhar Medley
Location: Kengeri, Bangalore
Area: 4 acres
Design firm: Jayakumar & Associates x Good Earth Eco Futures
Photography by: Running Studios

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