Madhav Raman - non-architectural questions

‘Long live the Bat!’ – Madhav Raman’s reply to one of the non-architectural questions.

Madhav Raman, principal at Anagram architects sportingly replies to some of the non-architectural questions shared with him.
Madhav Raman - non-architectural questions

With the non-architectural questions to architects pouring in from people, in all  curiosity and kinds, we went forth with selecting and sending a few fascinating ones to architects as an experiment in good humour. Out of over 100 questions, that we received, some 25 were shortlisted by Pulkit Soni, and participating architects were requested to reply to minimum of seven.

Next in line of responses comes Madhav Raman, read on to find out the craziest mischief Madhav did back in his hostel days, and watch some hilarity ensue.

If not an architect, what would you be?
Hilarious! (either a cartoonist or a stand up comic)

Marvel or DC?
Madhav Raman-Non-Architectural-Questions

What would you do if you were stuck in an elevator?

What was the craziest mischief that you did during your college days?
Scaled up the SPA Delhi Girls’ Hostel Facade, and then repeated the feat on the HoD’s office jaali to prove it could be done!

What’s the one thing in life that you want just for yourself?
A Banana Split!

What sort of car suits your personality? A classy sedan, beefy SUV, sporty coupe, restored classic or an urban hatchback?
I cycle!

Can you live without your phone and laptop for a week?
Not in Delhi!

What’s your comfort food?
Curd Rice

Your favourite duo from pop culture? Batman-Robin, Swat Kats, Kane-Undertaker, Tom & Jerry or any other?
Batman-Robin, from this list. But Jeeves & Wooster would top any list of favourite duos

Who’s your favourite sportsperson?
Stephen Curry (at the moment)

Have you smoked pot?
Don’t recall!


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