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Made in Earth, Bangalore


For the last, and rather delicate part of finishing a clay wall,
gather all your tools and set up a nice work space.

We are a practice of our people. We come together with a common passion to make. We believe in forging lasting relationships within our ecosystem. Our community of artisans, architects, engineers, artists, and makers constantly grows.

Any fine clay will do. (take a walk with a sieve)
Use the clay to form a thin slurry,
and apply the thinnest coat possible and allow for it to dry.

We are a practice of materials. We love making with clay and the earth around us. We engage with lime, from kilns both indigenous and technological. We bring in rice husk, straw, and conversations from around the geographical belt that we are beginning to understand better. We think of our work as circular and inclusive. Our passion lies in crafting with natural materials, weaving ecology and the community of a region.

Using the finest of sprays, mist the clay surface.
Gauging the wetness of a wall comes with practice,
It takes a few tries to get the perfect wetness needed to float the wall.

We like to dwell deep into our crafts and practices. Research is essential. Both material and cultural. We engage in conversation with and find inspiration in traditional knowledge banks. while working together with them to reinterpret and reinvent their expressions.

When the surface feels right, pick up your favourite float.
There is no perfect shape, or length of tool.
It comes down to you and the clay.

We are a community of makers, not shy to move between the drawing board and the earth pit. Not hesitant to span brick vaults, to make earth floors or build bamboo walls. We pick projects with care, mindful of our need to learn, explore and deepen our ties with the ecosystem around us. Of wanting to be around and work with people sensitive to ideas of sustainability, ecology and art.

If all has gone well, and you’ve taken a deep breath,
press gently and move across the surface,
The fine clay, now burnished, should stand beaming,
Reflecting you in all its glory.

Team members

Shruthi Ramakrishna
Jérémie Gaudin
Agnimitra Bachi

Key works by Made in Earth

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