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Kumar La Noce, Bangalore

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Kumar La Noce is an Architectural practice founded in Bangalore, India in 2013 by Bhavana Kumar and Nicola La Noce. The studio has worked on projects of various scales including residential, educational, art installations, interior and urban design since its inception. Their work is based on typological reasoning and a need to create evocative spaces informed by pragmatism, culture and collective memory. In 2016, the firm was chosen as one of 10 ‘Outstanding’ young Practices by the IIA Karnataka Chapter and work exhibited at the 10×10 Praxis Exhibition in Bangalore. In Jan 2017, KLN was chosen amongst the winners of ‘Young Designers 17’ by Indian Architect & Builder. The firm won a ‘Forbes Design Award’ in 2019 for Best Hospitality Architecture.  

Key Works by Kumar La Noce

Kumar La Noce, Bangalore 1
Cardamom Club


Kumar La Noce, Bangalore 3
JP House


Kumar La Noce, Bangalore 5
Kalkeri Learning Centre


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