Interior Design: Apartment Refurbishment at Pune, by Lalit Deshmukh and Associates

Interior Design for an apartment at Pune, by Lalit Deshmukh and Associates

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Interior Design: Apartment Refurbishment at Pune, by Lalit Deshmukh and Associates 1

Design Brief:
This is two part refurbishment project of the apartment, where The Client approached to us with a requirement of making some storage space for the parents and for his teenage daughter, and a bar unit.
The daughter had an artistic inclination and loved to dream. As a teenager, she loved to collect shoes, and since she often had her friends and siblings visiting, the room was supposed to be able to accommodate them all.
The Teenager loved white, but also didnt want to be be deprived of colours, and wanted it to be refreshing. As unique as herself, She wanted to opt out of the traditional girly pink, but wanted something that reflected her maturity as well as her free spirit.

Interior Design: Apartment Refurbishment at Pune, by Lalit Deshmukh and Associates 3

The room had two existing windows which were the only sources of natural light in the space. We assigned a seat in one of the windows, and the other became a study table. The intention was to have windows catering activities that occupy fewer hours so that the rest of the room is not blocked from the light.
The window sill was made wider by placing the drawers, and a seat was placed. Under this seat, were the drawers that look like steps, great for all her shoes, and this also makes it an ideal place for a day dreaming. This secret daydreaming couch is made even more private by closing off the drapes.

On its left is a cabinet that opens out into a table, for when her friends join for a study sleepover and on the right is wardrobes with a built in dresser. The wall next to the open able study table was initially assigned for a Lenny graphic, since she was so fond of him, but later assigned for displaying her art work. The bed is a sofa cum bed, which can be extended into a double bed. The head board of the bed, acts as a backrest of the sofa, which also hosts a secret compartment over her study table. On the face it holds niches for showcasing her latest artwork. The simple study table is appropriately placed in front of the other window.

The flooring is engineered wooden boards.

Interior Design: Apartment Refurbishment at Pune, by Lalit Deshmukh and Associates 5

The owner of the apartment loved to host guests and his drinks. The other part of the interiors was to design a bar cabinet and something to brighten up a dull corner. The space was tight and the living room was the only place where the bar needed to be fitted in. Being a traditional family, they want the bar to be in the living room and yet not be in the face.

The only place available was the column, so we decided to align it with it. This column was next to the door to the balcony. We came up with a unique solution of extendable bar cabinet that would look like a simple cabinet when shut, but would open out as a bigger table to host guests and parties. Taking advantage of the adjoining balcony, the bar position become an ideal location for the party attendees to spill out in various groups. To make the veneer cabinet lighter, the shelves were all glass, with an acrylic rack to hang glasses with stems, and a back lit panel of alabaster The cabinet doors also open out and folds neatly on the sides, so as to give the bar table a back. The lower part of the bar unit holds 16 wine bottles and the a storage cabinet for cocktail mixers and all equipments.

The matching display rack brightens up the adjoining corner.

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