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Fictional Project, Bangalore

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Chinchukumar Sreekandan is an architect and self taught artist , He studied in school of architecture and planning Chennai. He worked as Associate architect with Rahul Mehrotra (RMA Architects) Mumbai. He currently working with WCFA, Mysore and run Fictional project. Fictional project is an independent practice focusing on art and architecture. The practice has a foothold in various parts of south India. The portfolio exhibits different genre of works ranging from residences to studio/ workspaces, commercial projects, and socially sensitive art expressions. The climate of the practice requires one to move out into the various disciplines that can be associated with architecture. Fictional project acts as this platform where all intellectual expressions have a place to reside and move on.

Key works by Fictional Project


Fictional Project, Bangalore 1
Memories of Object


Fictional Project, Bangalore 3
The House in Adoor

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