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Studio Homosapiens, Kerala

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STUDIO HOMOSAPIENS is a multidisciplinary design studio focusing on architecture, interior design, art, product design and graphic design.It was founded in the year 2015 with an intent to create simple and timeless design compositions.Our practice is rooted in the idea of composing spaces where the eye and mind can be at ease.In each intervention, we put humans at the centre of our design process and seek to optimize positive interactions between the end users and the spaces we design. Designing a space is all about designing a set of experiences which will profoundly influence the daily lives of the users, shaping how they connect and how they feel the seasons across the years.Thus the spaces we design are intended to grow, transform and unfold along with our clients. We try to create designs that are straightforward and thorough down to the last detail. Each product is personalized and detailed differently. We seek the art in everything we create. 

Key Work by Studio Homosapiens

Studio Homosapiens, Kerala 1
Studio Homosapiens Office

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