Eden, Calicut, by Greenline Architects


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Front View of Eden Calicut, India, by Greenline Architects. Photo by Nathan Photos

Eden, a carefully crafted haven where every space is a tapestry of unity and togetherness, offering solace in the art of existence. Nestled in Calicut’s Kaatilpeedika region, ‘Eden’ beckons as a sublime testament to architectural finesse. Beyond its walls lies a sanctuary where light and ventilation intertwine effortlessly, inviting residents to embrace life’s essence. 

Eden features a linear layout complemented by a fusion of wood and steel elements. The ground floor comprises two bedrooms, living areas, a prayer room, a kitchen, and a courtyard. Notably, there are two distinct living spaces: a formal living area adjacent to the entrance and a family living area nestled beneath the staircase. 

The formal living area, visible from the facade, exudes grandeur with its double-height ceiling and expansive glass facade, flooding the space with natural light. Plywood with veneer and cement texture accentuates the walls, while customized bright yellow fabric furniture adds a vibrant contrast. Meanwhile, the family living area ingeniously utilizes the space beneath the staircase, showcasing the strategic design approach evident throughout the residence. 

The mini courtyard near the entrance immediately captures one’s attention upon entering the residence. It is a double-height space featuring a swing adorned with lush greenery, creating a serene and inviting atmosphere. Positioned facing the formal living area, this swing area becomes a focal point that enlivens the surrounding spaces. Its presence adds charm and a touch of nature to the overall ambience, making it a delightful spot for relaxation and socializing. 

Mini Courtyard with a swing and greenery beside the Formal Living area of Eden Calicut, India, by Greenline Architects. Photo by Nathan Photos

The centrepiece of Eden is its captivating courtyard—an experiential space spanning 200 square feet. Enclosed by pleated bamboo, 12 mm thick glass, and a wall adorned with random rubble stone cladding, the courtyard offers a natural oasis within the home. Sunlight filtering through creates dynamic patterns throughout the day, enhancing the ambience akin to the shifting emotions of a dwelling. Lush greenery, including plants like Calathea, further enriches the courtyard’s allure. 

The dining area seamlessly integrates with the courtyard, providing an optimal setting for dining amidst abundant light and ventilation. Its curvilinear shape distinguishes it as a focal point within the house. 

The grand staircase, crafted from metal plates with teak wood packing and partitioned by a large pivoted window, enhances the scale of the double-height courtyard. Leading to an upper living area and two bedrooms on the first floor, the staircase traverses a 120 cms wide curvilinear passage above the courtyard, heightening the user’s spatial experience. 

The upper living space is meticulously arranged to foster real-time conversations, providing an optimal setting. The carefully chosen furniture, adorned with bright fabrics, enhances the experience by creating a striking contrast. The curvilinear passage, stemming from the courtyard cutout, seamlessly connects the upper living area to the bedrooms, ensuring a fluid transition between spaces.  

Both bedrooms on the first-floor offer views of the courtyard and passages. The master bedroom features a balcony that extends inward, creating a captivating and immersive space. Supported by a steel structure, the balcony adds a touch of modernity. 

The cantilevered structure stands out as another captivating feature of ‘Eden’, offering the perfect vantage point to immerse oneself in the grandeur and the enchanting ambience of the courtyard. 

Project Drawings:

Elevation of Eden Calicut, India, by Greenline Architects. Drawing by Greenline Architects

Walkthrough of Eden, Calicut.

Project Details:

Name: Eden
Location: Calicut, Kerala
Year: Completed (2024)
Built-up Area: 5000 sq. ft.
Typology: Residential Architecture 
Design Firm: Greenline Architects
Drawing Credits: Greenline Architects
Photograph Credits: Nathan Photos
Video Credits: Greenline Architects

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