CAR-O-BAR, Indore, by Imagine Design Studio


Note: The contents below are published as provided by the architect/designer.

Nestled adjacent to the bustling thoroughfare of Indore Bypass, our firm has designed a space that brings you the tranquillity of beachside and the elegant ambience of a luxury resto-bar. CAR-O-BAR embodies a vision where contemporary design harmonises effortlessly with rustic material compositions, creating a space that exudes sophistication.

The design efficiently combines contemporary style with tropical design features. The building façade depicts a beautiful implementation of minimalism with its bold elements, such as the expansive inverted curved canopy and M.S. fabricated spiral staircase overall, showcasing an elegant opulence. The front elevation has beautiful arches framing the glass facades, adding sleekness to the design.

The interior design focuses on amalgamating elements of tropical and contemporary themes. It comprises of a natural colour palette in a symmetrical balance through shape, pattern, and texture. Minimalistic arches and moulding details imbue the interior with a sense of grandeur and timeless charm. The retrofits, such as the furniture, macramé hanging lights, and accent wall lights, added to the design meticulously highlight the dramatic and rustic features of the interior. 

Some noteworthy features of the design include the rustic ambience achieved through the earthy palette of lime wash plaster finish, bamboo stick brooms used as an element in the ceiling design, the thatch roof canopies adorning the outdoor seating space, and pristine white gravel that underlines the aspect of a coastal paradise. 

A centrepiece commanding attention is the central bar unit which is a stunning canopy made with DuPont Paper that is lightweight and dynamic material which interacts with the wind and creates a beautiful littoral effect. The steel frame of the canopy is enclosed with fabric belts to give it a lighter appearance. Surrounding the bar, a circular arrangement fosters a convivial atmosphere, inviting patrons to indulge in a memorable experience.

Project Drawings:

Project Details:

Site Area: 31,730 sq. ft.
Location: Indore Bypass, Madhya Pradesh
Status: Completed (2024)
Typology: Hospitality architecture (resto-bar)
Design Firm: Imagine Design Studio, Indore
Design Team: Ar. Ankit Mittal, Ar. Janmajay Patel, Id. Rushali Jain
Photographs: Aashendra Gour Photography

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