Prem Chandavarkar on 6 Metros: Urban Planning & Implementation Compared

“A book that is unquestionably worthwhile and can be considered a milestone in the field.” Prem Chandavarkar on 6 Metros: Urban Planning & Implementation Compared

Prem Chandavarkar reviews “6 Metros: Urban Planning & Implementation Compared” by Sirish Patel, Oormi Kapadia, and Jasmine Saluja. Divided into two volumes, Signposts and Mappings, they provide a groundbreaking comparative study of urban planning across six global cities. The book, spanning London, New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Delhi, and Mumbai, offers a dispassionate overview, presenting a humanist perspective and utilizing a unique two-volume structure.

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An Open Letter to IIM Ahmedabad, by Prem Chandavarkar

An article in The Indian Express of 25 December 2020 raises some of these concerns and cites you as stating that you have written a letter on 23 December 2020 to all IIMA alumni, and all queries are answered in the letter. I have been through this letter and feel compelled to state that many concerns still remain.

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Photoshopped Architecture - Asif Khan

What is Heritage? – Prem Chandavarkar

Clearly, we need to fine-tune our perception of what exactly heritage is, and why we should consider it valuable.  We may reject outright this strange notion of a qualifying age that was argued in the Hall of Nations case, but that will not take us out of the woods.  The descent to these levels may have occurred because our conventional perception of heritage is limited and erroneous. 

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