Shimul Javeri - Non-Architectural Questions

‘A little heartbreak happens everyday.’ – Shimul Javeri Kadri replies to non-architectural questions

Shimul Javeri Kadri shared her replies to non-architectural questions instantly after receiving the questionnaire and mentioned that for her, it was either instant or never.
Shimul Javeri - Non-Architectural Questions

We thought it would take a minimum of seven days for architects to respond to the questions. But, Shimul Javeri Kadri’s replies came almost instantly. She was the first to reply. When we thanked her for her promptness, she mentioned, ‘It’s either instant or never’ :).   Enjoy her spontaneous replies to some of the questions curated by Pulkit Soni. 🙂

What would you do if you were stuck in an elevator?
Breathe and Sing – very little opportunity to do both mindfully in a world full of stimuli.

What’s the one thing in life that you want just for yourself?

Which architect would you pick to design your clothes?

I would not! I don’t think architects understand the way cloth falls – there are too many great designers to pick an architect for the wrong thing.

Shimul Javeri - Non-Architectural Questions

What is the one thing that you hate doing the most?

Wading through legal documents. The thought that we cant trust each other and must look for what can be misinterpreted drives me crazy. I love simplicity, honesty and beauty.

Of all the places that you have visited which is the one place that you would never want to go back to?
It’s the place I go back to the most often – the United States of America  – because my kids are there. I love the universities but dislike the mundane car and money centred urbanism.

What’s your comfort food?
Khichdi and idlis!

What’s the one quality in a person that would grab your attention in no time?
Honesty – people who cut out the crap and speak from the heart.

Which are the books that influenced your thoughts?

As a child – Enid Blyton with her British boarding school stories but as I entered my teens I enjoyed Jonathan Livingstone Seagull and The Little Prince – inspirational stories for a teenager searching for meaning in life. Biographies have always inspired me and most recently Paul Mason’s -Postcapitalism a Guide to our Future.


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