In Pictures: Apartments at the Fire station at Thaltej, Gujarat, by Sachin Gandhi and Associates

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Apartments by Sachin Gandhi, Ahmedabad The fire station project located at Thaltej consists of a fire station supplied with apartment units. A grand circular watchtower at the entrance to the fire station provides an identity to the whole building. Apartments are provided at the back of this building with a buffering zone separating the two. Vertical approaches and services give shape to the apartment design. Simplicity and sobriety is aimed at.





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Aatam Hostel at Kota, by Sameep Padora and Associates

Aatam Hostel, designed by Sameep Padora and Associates, has a residential program mix, containing hostels rooms for students along with a residence for the family that owns the plot. Six years in the making, the project is located in the dry and hot climate of Kota, Rajasthan.

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Pause - Restrooms, at Bombay-Goa Highway, by RC Architects

Pause – Restrooms, at Bombay-Goa Highway, by RC Architects

‘Pause’, is a multifaceted restroom complex located along India’s Bombay-goa highway, on the way to the Karnala bird sanctuary. Taking cues from other public utilities, including London’s famous telephone booths, post boxes, and buses, all colored in red, ‘pause’ is painted in the same color to allow passers-by to quickly identify its public facilities in the urban landscape – RC Architects

Village Resort at Mysore, by B S Bhooshan

The Village: a resort hotel and spa, Mysore, by B.S.Bhooshan, BSB Architects

The place was christened as The Village before it was designed. The promoters wanted to showcase the romanticised goodness of the rural settlements to sell it to city dwellers and travellers. Albeit the name it was to contain all that it was an urban need and to provide for the comfort and luxuries of a city. This contradiction provided the basic theme to the architecture.

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