July 20, 2022

Unbox Design Off Grid House

Off Grid House at Delhi, by UnBox. Design

The house is designed to comfortably accommodate three families over 4 floors, 2 single level homes and a duplex, with careful consideration given to climatic conditions and comfort factors. Its form is generated as a response to the site, its orientation, the client requirements to build to the maximum permissible envelope of the site and the local building bye-laws.

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Waterfront Clubhouse, Adisaptagram, West Bengal, by Abin Design Studio

Set along the backdrop of an existing water body and overlooking a football field, the project by Abin Design Studio, is a community club that maximizes its unique physical context. The project treads lightly in response to its picturesque context where the narrow strip of land is reclaimed to create a responsible waterfront development.

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