February 18, 2022

079 Stories, Residence designed by Studio Sangath at Ahmedabad

079 | STORIES, Ahmedabad, by Studio Sangath

Designed by Studio Sangath, located in the outskirts of western Ahmedabad, India, 079 | Stories was designed as a place for culture and art. From the beginning, the main idea was to create a versatile space that could adapt and initiate dialogue between fine arts and varied forms of performing arts such as theatre, dance and music.

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Mehra Musings, at Ahmedabad, by Studio Sangath

Located in the outskirts of Ahmedabad, Mehra Musing is a residence designed by Studio Sangath, for a family spanning three generations. The home, set on a compact plot of 480 square yards is akin to a dark grey ‘box’ in its stone crete plaster exterior, secretive of the choreography it holds inside.

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