March 12, 2021

VeePees Mansion By Architects in Calicut - Arif and Associates

VeePees Mansion By Architects in Calicut – Arif and Associates

The Veepees Mansion is a unique project across India. It is a 90 thousand sq. ft 6 Mansions project designed with richly imaginative and ideal luxury for the brothers who think alike who have similar views. The architects at Arif & Associates designed the project with a schematic approach by considering the northside lake as a substance for airflow and the main road on the southern side as the main entrance towards the 5.5 Acres property. – Arif and Associates

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Balador Athena, A Sanctuary for Green Living | IMK Architects

Balador Athena, A Sanctuary for Green Living, by IMK Architects

The 3,18,000-sq.ft. residential complex comprises nine five-story buildings oriented around a central landscaped courtyard, a clubhouse and play areas of children. A hierarchy of stepped landscaped courtyards marks a sense of entry with a free-flowing cascade of water along one side of the green. These serve as the communal heart of the complex and have been designed to host multiple configurations of gatherings and activities in order to successfully respond to changing social demands within a close-knit community. – IMK Architects

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