January 27, 2021

Belmont Club at Indore by Anuj Mehta Associates

Belmont Club, at Indore, by Anuj Mehta Associates

The building responds to its context by using the existing site gradient to create multiple levels. The entrance level has a library, card room, party hall and a double height reception lobby. This lobby overlooks the double height launch with a view of swimming pool, which is the focal point of the club. – Anuj Mehta Associates

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Anand Residence at Chennai by Murali Architects

Anand Residence, at Chennai, by Murali Architects

A modern young couple with two children wanted a house in contemporary style on a One Ground (2400 sq ft) plot at the busy area of Adyar in Chennai city. In urban towns, the land area available is very less and the norms of construction are very rigid. So, people are forced to leave 50% of the plot free of construction to satisfy the rules. – Murali architects

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Arunagiri Residence at Chennai by Murali Architects

Arunagiri Residence, at Chennai, by Murali Architects

Water when combined with architecture, the interplay created by means of fluid and solid planes adds an extra dimension to the building making it extraordinary. “THE FLOATING CUBE” at Neelangarai is a guest house Indian base American client, evolved with the idea of ‘maze and puzzle’ by means of levels and projections creating an ‘awe’ in the minds of the user. – Murali Architects

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MERF at Chennai by Murali Architects

MERF, at Chennai, by Murali Architects

This building located in a small urban property at the heart of Raja annamalaipuram is an effort to give the hospital building a urban façade with the integration of landscape at various levels. The building has integrated an inviting landscape with a small plaza in the front for patients and children. – Murali Architects

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