March 26, 2018

S8, residence in Tamilnadu

S8, A residence at Tamilnadu, by Mancini Enterprises

A weekend gateway home of 1800 Sq.ft. is tucked into a cube of side 8m. The east and west facades of the house are punctured with wall height openings bringing in abundant natural light, making best of the sea breeze and splendid view of the ocean and surrounding coconut plantations.

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A Child’s Right to play in India: Learnings from a seven-year-old - Megha Tyagi

A Child’s Right to play in India: Learnings from a seven year old – Megha Tyagi

In August last year, a seven-year-old Navya Singh encouraged by her advocate father Dheeraj Singh filed a petition in the court to save her neighbourhood park in Rohini’s sector 8 from converting into a site for the community hall. In December, after almost four months, the court ruled in of the petition and asked the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) to select an alternative site for the favour proposed construction. It is an exemplary case in the contemporary times of our country. It brings into the limelight a three-fold perspective.

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I will do it free, you go your way!

The Hafeez Controversy: I will do it free, you go your way! – Dr. Anil S. Thakur

I wonder why things have degraded and turned so disagreeable. Had Contractor embarked the ethical path, and possessed the scarce merit or the genius unparalleled, the world would have had made his time a very precious commodity. A genuine high projects-oriented mobility for Hafeez would have afforded him a ‘plane ownership’ long ago (what we introduced jovially in the beginning, arguably becomes a potent yardstick of a professional’s indispensability!).

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