Who is in control?

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The Abstract:

“………….. In my student days Le Corbusier was found everywhere. However, there is no single book today on the table of architects’ that serves as a bible.”

“…………..The problem today with us Architects today is that we think analogue and we produce algorithmically, the day we think algorithmically we will stop playing with all the magic tricks and tools that we have and will start using them. ………..And if I knew what that meant, I’d be doing it and not talking about it.”
Peter Eisenmann, excerpt from the Lecture at RIBA, London, December 08.

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TheurbanGround: DesignPlussSPAUrbanDesignProposal
The Lecture instigated the thought for this text. The paper borrows the proverbial search for thedefinition ofnewarchitecture or planning. With reference to a range of projects from Zaha Hadid’s One North in Singapore, MVRDV’s functionmixer and iSpots (MIT project) to existence of smart/flash mobs and the Groningen town project by AA Diploma II under John Frazer the paper is critical (notskeptic) of the influxof Information andCommunication Technology (ICT) within the architectural studios. There is search for identification of the roleof the architect amidst the Data driven AND Democraticprocesses of design as an urban planning paradigm, identifying the marriage between Centralised, Distributed and Automated control.
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Architect Abhishek Bij is an Associate and Lead Designer at Design Plus Architects, New Delhi, Unit Master at Sushant School of Architecture, Gurgaon and Principal at Design [ +] Design Research. Click here to know more about Abhishek Bij.

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