Swati Janu

Women as Catalyst for Change in Architectural Practices

Women constitute nearly half of the construction workforce in the country, and yet their role is overlooked. Through the exhibition ‘Samatva – Shaping the Built’ at the India Art, Architecture, and Design Biennale 2024, this article presents questions urging the architectural fraternity to support the feminist practices nurturing sensitive and able designers leading by example, with hopes that it becomes the industry norms.

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Mod School, Yamuna Khadar, Swati Janu and Nidhi Sohone

The ModSkool at Yamuna Khadar, New Delhi – Swati and Nidhi help the community build their own school

ModSkool emerged out of this need to provide for a community that survives with tenacity in a place they are not allowed to. It is also representative of a space that asserts the rights of a community to sustain and grow. ‘Van Phool’, the name was coined by the school’s Founder G.S. Labana to symbolise how a wildflower often manages to grow even in a hostile environment.

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