Sourabh Gupta

The Kattha Factory – C 29 & C75, NOIDA – Studio Archohm

The tradition of chewing betel leaves-Paan is as ancient as India itself. Ostensibly an antiseptic, digestive aid and a palate cleanser, Paan has been accompanied by an assortment of ‘add-on ingredients’- Choona (mineral slaked lime or calcium hydroxide), Kattha (catechu), Supari (areca nuts), Loung (cloves) and Elaichi (cardamom), tobacco, spices, mint, sweetened coconut, other Paan-Masalas, sugar, dates, Gulkand(Rose petal preserve), cherries, and variety of Saunf (fennel) to name a few! Of these, Kattha is a very popular and important one. – Studio Archohm

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