Common Facilitation Centre, Agra by Node Urban Lab LLP

Common Facilitation Centre, Agra, by Node Urban Lab LLP

The Common Facilitation Centre, Agra,by Node Urban Lab LLP has been intended to explore the role and relationship of Community, Craft, and Space in this project by creating emphasis on internal spaces that facilitate the learning and innovation in craftwork amongst artisans.

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Rejuvenation of Howard Plaza - The Fern, Agra, India, by ConceptSG Ltd

Rejuvenation of Howard Plaza – The Fern, Agra, India, by ConceptSG Ltd

Rejuvenation Project such as the Howard Plaza is perhaps a glimpse into the fate of many buildings in the near future. (fig 1)  As countries develop, new builds seem to pop up everywhere, but once this brown field development starts to saturate and the economic growth stagnates, these buildings need to be revitalised. This is a sustainable solution, in-fact multitude of buildings in London are allowed to be rejuvenated with additional area(FAR) to attract investors. Whilst on the other hand functions are redefined at times when churches have been taken over by nightclubs and a crude example of Detlev Rohwedder House of berlin, the largest building in the world in1936, changed from an aviation ministry (under the Nazi), to houses of ministries (as east Germany) and stands as the finance ministry today. – ConceptSG

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BIBHAB Residence at Agra by Anuj Mehta Associates

BIBHAB Residence, at Agra, by Anuj Mehta Associates

The requirement of twin units, which are independent and yet have a common identity, shaped the basic house form. The basic concept was of two independent units having a common entrance sharing a central courtyard. Both the units were thus treated separately and integrated using a two axis system which combined the units together. – Anuj Mehta Associates

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Black Taj - International Competition at Agra by Innate studio

Black Taj – International Competition at Agra by Innate studio

The intervention attempts to celebrate Taj Mahal as an epitome of an architectural poetry and physical manifestation of a soulful proposition of the mighty builder Shah Jahan. Whereas, the Black Taj reveals its emptiness through three-dimensional spatial projection. The emptiness holds the space, where the people are purged and aligned by the ecstatic illumination and perfection of Taj Mahal.

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