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Promising Architectural Practices of India

Studio MADe, Hyderabad

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Studio MADe is an idea-driven practice based out of India and Spain with virtual collaboration of architects in different parts of the world. What characterises the practice is the pluralistic approach that has evolved with having participated in varying contexts and cultures around the world. This defies the notion of a singular guide or an architectural language.

The practice primarily works on architectural competitions in public realm that allows it to address emerging societal challenges and articulate projects that grow and adapt with the context and resonate with people’s collective memory.

Founder: Madhusudhan Chalasani


Key works by Studio MADe

Studio MADe, Hyderabad 1
Retreat House, Andhra Pradesh
Studio MADe, Hyderabad 3
Nafel’s School, Switzerland
Studio MADe, Hyderabad 5
Suncheon Art Platform, South Korea


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