Public Park at Juhu Beach, Mumbai, by Atelier ARBO


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Entrance view of the Public Park at Juhu Beach, Mumbai, by Atelier ARBO. Photograph by Siddharth Meghani

With an alarming rise in urbanization, the overpopulated city of Mumbai craves open public spaces for the social, mental, and physical rejuvenation of its citizens. Active efforts were taken by 121 committed women of the Inner Wheel Club of Bombay Airport along with the design firm Atelier ARBO to revitalize a 12,000 sq. ft. old park, transforming it into an enhanced public space having a soulful connection to nature. 

Becoming an unfortunate dumping area for beach waste, a lack of maintenance and care led to the park’s degradation, and a foul odour became a hindrance to public visitation. The design was driven by appropriate segregation of spaces and a mindful planning approach. Keeping the concept of placemaking in mind and a vision to portray a platform fostering community well-being, a holistic design development plan for the entire park took birth. 

Two entrances, one from the developed urban area and one from the vast seaside, welcome visitors into the park. A well-planned array of softscapes offers a plethora of fragrances and bright-coloured flora casting a picturesque view in the eyes of the visitor. Indigenous plantations having lush evergreen foliage bravely withstand the salty sea breeze and provide cool shelter from the harsh sun. 

Seaside view of the Public Park at Juhu Beach, Mumbai, by Atelier ARBO. Photograph by Siddharth Meghani

An uninterrupted sandstone-paved pathway traverses throughout the park, effectively guiding visitors and joggers around the meandering lanes interspersed with vegetation. Seamlessly blending with the flora and fauna of the park, benches and seating spaces carved out of easy-to-maintain, strong, durable, and versatile red sandstone add a soothing aesthetical feel to the park.  

A tensile roof structure at the beach-facing entrance seamlessly emulates the natural patterns of free-flowing sea waves creating a wide angular space for community gatherings. Considering the proximity to Prithvi Theatre, the worn-down stage at the centre of the park was upgraded with steps and ramps to provide an informal practice arena for budding artists. Ramps have been constructed wherever required to increase the ease of accessibility for everyone. The open green space at the centre of the park becomes a free exploration area for children, where they can run, play, and enjoy to their heart’s content. 

A rainwater harvesting zone planned at the entrance mindfully focuses on the importance of saving rainwater. Noting the harsh weather conditions in the summer season on-site, conserving water and using rainwater as an alternate water source becomes imperative. A designated area is engaged in the process of vermicomposting, which produces organic manure for the development of the park landscape. Nurturing and improving the physical structure of the soil, vermicomposting helps in enhancing the health of the soil in the park. The inclusion of such design features encourages a conscious approach to the preservation of the environment. 

Juhu Park’s design takes a person on a sensory and tranquil journey with a highly stimulating connection to the beauty of nature. The mesmerizing shades and scents of flora, the calming hues of green blooming foliage, the subtle sounds of blue waves gushing over sand, and the rich harmony of softscapes cuddle a person’s mind, eliminating stress and mental fatigue. 

Public Park at Juhu Beach, Mumbai, by Atelier ARBO. Photograph by Siddharth Meghani

While creating an enriching experience for individuals, the park amiably greets groups of people, strengthening communities and uplifting social interaction. Focusing on the importance of placemaking in the growth of community well-being, the rejuvenated Juhu Park becomes an important landmark in the journey of upscaling the open spaces of Mumbai. 


Project Details:

Name: Public Park at Juhu Beach
Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Design Firm: Atelier ARBO
Lead Architect: Rinka D’Monte
Completion Year: May 2021
Gross Built Area: 12,000 sq. ft.
Typology: Parks
Photo Credits: Siddharth Meghani

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