Paras World School at Gurgaon, by Design Plus, Arun K. Bij, Abhishek Bij

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Location: Gurgaon
Site Area: 1.77 Acres
BuiltUp Area: 85,000 Sq. Ft.
Client: Aspire Buildtech Pvt. Ltd.
Team: Abhishek Bij, Balkishan Sharma, Sugandha


Paras World School - Design Plus - Arun K. Bij, Abhishek Bij
South Facade

The engagement to design an educational environment for the young and impressionable was extremely high on   responsibility. PWS is a complex model, which shall ensure comprehensive intellectual and physical development.   The school not only provides a safe, comfortable and  playful indoor and outdoor environment, it also imparts  knowledge by virtue of architectural elements. For example, the facade planning and detail respect to climatic   orientations. Similarly, the primary circulation within the premise is via sloping slabs. In addition to the indoor  spaces, an elaborate sports academy is planned for the campus.

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