Le Meridian Hotel at Jaipur, Landscape Design by NMP Design Private Limited


Le Merdian Hotel landscape by NMP Design Pvt. Ltd.Le Meridian, Jaipur is designed as a palace hotel. It recreates the ambience and charm of historical Rajput Gardens. It is located on the Delhi-Jaipur Highway. The setting characterizes dry and dusty desert environment and extreme heat and glare of the sun. The unique character of the Hotel is a result of its traditional architecture as well as the distinctive and lush Landscape design.

The landscape design uses a fort wall to enclose the arrival court. The arrival court is designed as a chaupad with a hundred Champa trees and a hundred sprinkler nozzles. A combination of fragrance, lush green foliage, sound of water and improved micro climate creates a setting which enchants and mesmerizes the visitors. The design is woven around a variety of spaces- an elaborate arrival court, garden courtyard and decks.

Le Merdian Hotel landscape by NMP Design Pvt. Ltd.
Site Plan

The Chaupad is designed on the basis of traditional Chaupad, it incorporates the magic of water, trees and light to become the focal point of the place where the cameras start clicking and exclamations galore as guests walk up the path to the reception. Combination of deep blue water, lush green foliage, rough Jodhpur Stone and the sound of the sprinklers weaves a magical and dramatic spell as the guest enters the arrival court. Magical indirect lighting further enhances the drama. The grooves of stone joints imparts a richness and scale to the space.

To add richness and variety to the experience the pool environs was designed in an organic style. The philosophical approach to arrival space was altered and the poolside was designed as a fun place. The free flowing curved form sets the tone and invites the guests to relax and unwind. A large lawn attached to the pool becomes the functional space for parties and also provides a lush green view. The pool comprises of a children’s pool, wading play channels and a regular lap pool for adults. There’s a stepped deck for loungers. The pool is sited to receive abundant South sun and is sheltered by a large planter to cut the wind.

There is an outdoor eating space adjacent to the restaurant with the view of the greens and the pool. It is covered by a trellis which has luxuriant growth of Clerodendron splendens.

Project Facts:

Area : 25 acres.
Completion : 2004
Images : NMP Design

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