Malabar Hill Residence, Mumbai- WE Design Studio

Designed by We Design Studio, this 1800 square foot apartment sits in the heart of a densely wooded area of Malabar Hill, one of the most up-market neighbourhoods of Mumbai.

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Malabar Hill Residence, Mumbai- WE Design Studio 1

This 1800 square foot apartment sits in the heart of a densely wooded area of Malabar Hill, one of the most up-market neighborhoods of Mumbai. The apartment is home to a young couple and their twin infants. The design, placement of furniture and selection of materials revolve around the perfectly framed views of the temple trees outside each room.

The clean, bold lines of each space and the furniture pieces within complement the sculptural quality of the temple trees outside. The minimal interior of the apartment features a basic palette of white walls, floor and ceilings that aim at providing a calm and comfortable environment for its inhabitants. The key feature of the apartment is a home-study that can be combined with the living and dining area to create a sense of seamlessness between the two spaces. The study also doubles up as a guest bedroom, if required.

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