Head Office For Spectral Services Consultants Pvt. Ltd., Noida, by ABRD Architects

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Design Concept:

The brief of the project called for the creation of a Green Office Building for Spectral Services Consultants who have always played an important role in the advocacy of Green Buildings. The LEED certified Platinum Green Building has been designed as per features specified by U.S.G.B.C. The project proposes to superimpose harmoniously High technology and High craft in order to create a conducive microclimate for indoor activities and at the same time interaction of the interiors with surroundings in a synergetic way.

Head office for Spectral Services, NOIDA, by ABRD ArchitectsThe main Design Intention has been to achieve an unconventional Building Form to avoid a Box-Like structure imposed by the byelaws. One of the most prominent features of the Building is that almost 85% of the interior spaces are day lit.

The vertical stone louvres have been effectively used to cut down the harsh sunlight from entering into the building especially from the N-W and S-W directions. These however allow the passage of wind.

  • Minimized Ecological Footprint, Compact Built Mass – Stacking of program, Tuck under parking, shared Services & Infrastructure
  • Proposed intervention to integrate with existing Storm Water Management & Reuse
  • Soft Landscape to reduce heat island
  • Channelizing of wind through built mass taking advantage of the large open spaces and vegetation


  • Appropriate soft landscape with indigenous plants to reduce water requirement, High Efficiency Irrigation System
  • Re-use of Grey water for non-potable use, flusing, garden irrigation etc.
  • Water Consumption Reduction by use of high efficiency fixtures, occupant sensors etc.


  • Linear Built Mass, Building Oriented along E-W axis – Pervious facades facing N-S to reduce AC loads,
  • Daylight harvesting through linear built form & top lighting
  • Harvesting solar energy for Solar water heating system
  • Roof gardens as insulation and protection against heat gain – Decrease in HVAC load
  • Appropriate shading devices on South & West facade


  • Local/Regional Materials
  • Use of Certified Green Woods
  • Insulation in roof and walls
  • Hermetically sealed glazing


  • Ventilation system to meet minimum IAQ performance standards
  • Air intakes located away from contaminant sources
  • Increased ventilation effectiveness by HVAC system & building envelope to optimize air change

Project Facts:

Location : A-197, Sector 63, Noida, UP.
Owner : Spectral Services Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
Architects : ABRD Architects Pvt. Ltd.
Consultants : Pratap n Partners
Programme : LEED Certified Platinum Green Office Building.
Site Area: 800 Sqm.
Area : 1400 Sqm. Approx.
Materials : Structure: RCC and AAC Blocks, Cladding: Gwalior stone & Red Sand stone, aluminium door- Windows, Flooring: Vitrified Ceramic tiles, Granite, Carpet & Laminated Wooden Flooring.
Contractor : ACIL Ahluwalia Contracts India (Pvt.) Ltd.
Construction : February 2006 to March 2007.

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