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Field Atelier, Goa

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Field Atelier - House at Goa


‘Field Atelier’ is an architectural practice, based in Goa, India, established in 2015 by Yatin Fulari and Teja Amonkar. We work with a small team of people, consisting of interns and young architects depending on the kind of work the studio handles at a particular time. Primarily we work with the builders and carpenters who handle work on site. The design process, also takes into consideration their construction skill and technique and resourcefulness that eases the construction process. Thereby making it sustainable and a practice that is inclusive. The process of design for us begins with questioning the nature of the site and the brief. The initial atavistic feeling that the site and its forces evoke deserves a certain gesture in terms of space in order to simply exist on a site.  Architecture to some extent lies outside of the utilitarian spaces. This is also what one learns from vernacular architecture. The emphasis is never on the form but on the atmosphere that springs out of our nostalgic memory and experiences.  These feelings are expressed through sketches, models, mock-ups. The mode of expression and the materials used to express the feelings are generally intuitive. The final design however remains true to the initial feelings that reside in these sketches or the models. The details as well as certain aspects of the design are left open so that they begin to develop as the design takes shape. We seek to design spaces that are truthful and evoke a feeling of sobriety. 

Key Works by Field Atelier

Field Atelier, Goa 1
House in Assagao


Field Atelier, Goa 3
House in Salvador Do Mundo

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