Puns by Yashada Wagle

Featuring, Yashada Wagle an architect, and her Sweet ‘PUN’ishments!

Puns by Yashada Wagle

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Punished by Yashada Wagle“You are hereby ‘PUN’ished – PUNgent”, is how Yashada Wagle, who is an architect and a research fellow at KRVIA (full bio at the end), welcomes you on her Tumbler Blog – Punnysillin.

Yashada’s work not only ‘PUN’nily touches the lives of architecture students, but also makes a freindly crticism of architect’s way of working and the profession. Some of her work is featured below:

PUNS by Yashada Wagle
“Sorry, Professor!” (Story of my life)
PUNS by Yashada Wagle
Thank God for thought clouds!
PUNS by Yashada Wagle
Watch out for the hypocrites!
PUNS by Yashada Wagle
Took us five years to get here, yet the Convocation CLEARLY wasn’t a big deal!
PUNS by Yashada Wagle
Repaying the Wicked! An Ode to Computer Aided Design; stuff that helps and kills at the same time!

Featuring, Yashada Wagle an architect, and her Sweet 'PUN'ishments! 7Yashada Wagle is a graduate in architecture from Pune, and currently a Research Fellow at the Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute for Architecture (KRVIA), Mumbai. She is interested in and inquisitive about the confluence of architecture and urbanism with poetry and graphic art. At times, she conjures up the courage to spend time drawing silly puns, more of which are on punnysillin.tumblr.com. Her other works can be followed on instagram.com/yashada_wagle.

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