Indian Institute of architects Elections Court Order to Telangana Chapter

IIA Elections: Court Orders Indian Institute of Architects, Telangana Chapter, to maintain Status Quo

Indian Institute of Architects, Telangana Chapter, has been ordered by the court to not conducted the GBM, also police department has served notice to the chapter chairman.
Indian Institute of architects Elections Court Order to Telangana Chapter

Even as the Indian Institute of Architects elections for the 2023-2025 term are over, controversies around the voting system continue to persist. K Ravi Kumar Reddy, with four other members of IIA [the Petitioners], filed a petition against the Telangana Chapter of Indian Institute of Architects, and eighteen other members of IIA [the Responders, which included the Indian Institute of Architects, represented by the Secratary] with the City Civil Court in Secunderabad.  

The complaint submitted by Architect Ravi Kumar Reddy and others, pointed towards the initial technical glitch faced in the voting system while accusing the Responders of deliberately manipulating the elections in the guise of a glitch in the system and not conducting the elections in fair and transparent manner as required under the bye-laws. The document detailed the previously faulty system, which had re-ignited apprehension regarding the process amongst the members of IIA, who pointed out several loopholes in the process. The Petitioners’ submission also cited their suspicions of the alleged rigging of the database by the administrator at the head office of IIA, as they had access to the IIA election portal.  

Responding to the petition, the court has directed the involved parties to maintain status quo with regard to the things which exist as on July 15, 2023, and not conduct the General Body Meeting to install the new body. Further, Police Department, of Government of Telangana has also served a notice to the newly elected Chairman, under Section 91 & 160 Cr.P.C, requesting the details with regards to the Chapter’s election, as sought by the petitioners.

It is important to mention that, several IIA members had demanded appointment of NSDL to ensure fair and transparent elections, but, the IIA refused to this demand and went ahead with the election module created by a private agency. Further, IIA through clarifications, had also shared that the IIA Election Module will be locked under a secure password and the same will be handed over to the Hon. Secretary in the sealed envelopes. The question which remains unanswered is, how was the developer still able to access the module after the glitch was reported? And why did the IIA continue with the module even after the glitched were found in the same?

Anuj Srivastava, architect from NOIDA, shared,

The voting module was offline for over 10 hours as a result of this ‘glitch’ and was resumed with a time extension of an equivalent amount. All votes cast before this were nullified and the voters were asked to vote again. Even during the course of the conduct of the election, the website was non-responsive repeatedly. This has deeply compromised the election process. A number of appeals to stop the election despite these proven vulnerabilities fell on deaf ears. The integrity of the database and back-end is also questionable, given so many flaws.

It is unfortunate that the Institution’s reputation has been further marred by the faulty election process and arrogance of the officials. IIA, which already suffers from a low number of membership might find it difficult to win the trust of the young architects.

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  1. हम देखेंगे♟️♟️♟️
    लाज़िम है कि हम भी देखेंगे
    वो दिन कि जिसका वादा है
    जो लोह-ए-अज़ल[1] में लिखा है
    जब ज़ुल्म-ओ-सितम के कोह-ए-गरां [2]
    रुई की तरह उड़ जाएँगे
    हम महकूमों[3] के पाँव तले
    ये धरती धड़-धड़ धड़केगी
    और अहल-ए-हकम[4] के सर ऊपर
    जब बिजली कड़-कड़ कड़केगी
    जब अर्ज-ए-ख़ुदा के काबे से
    सब बुत[5] उठवाए जाएँगे
    हम अहल-ए-सफ़ा[6], मरदूद-ए-हरम[7]
    मसनद पे बिठाए जाएँगे
    सब ताज उछाले जाएँगे
    सब तख़्त गिराए जाएँगे

    बस नाम रहेगा हक [8] का
    जो ग़ायब भी है हाज़िर भी
    जो मंज़र[9] भी है नाज़िर[10] भी
    उट्ठेगा अन-अल-हक़[11] का नारा
    जो मैं भी हूँ और तुम भी हो
    और राज़ करेगी खुल्क-ए-ख़ुदा[12]
    जो मैं भी हूँ और तुम भी हो

    ऊपर जायें↑1 विधि के विधान
    ऊपर जायें↑2 घने पहाड़
    ऊपर जायें↑ 3रियाया या शासित
    ऊपर जायें↑ 4 सताधीश
    ऊपर जायें↑5 सत्ताधारियों के प्रतीक पुतले
    ऊपर जायें↑ 6साफ़ सुथरे लोग
    ऊपर जायें↑ 7धर्मस्थल में प्रवेश से वंचित लोग
    ऊपर जायें↑8 सत्य ! अधिकार ,मालिक,
    ऊपर जायें↑9 दृश्य
    ऊपर जायें↑10 देखने वाला
    ऊपर जायें↑ 11मैं ही सत्य हूँ या अहम् ब्रह्मास्मि
    ऊपर जायें↑ 12आम जनता पब्लिक नागरिक

  2. The above high lighted post is incorrect. Newly elected Chairman is nothing to do with this case. No member of Telangana Chapter is responsible for the same. The Mumbai Head Office has expressed the facts about the situation araised on the first day of elections.

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