Council Drafts new Policy to Help Architects Recover Fees from Clients

Council Drafts new Policy to Help Architects Recover Fees from Clients | Big Decision for Architecture Profession

The Council, on Friday, March 31, 2023, announced its new Policy targeted towards recovering unpaid dues of architects from their clients.
Council Drafts new Policy to Help Architects Recover Fees from Clients

On average, an architect is believed to lose as high as 50% of their fee in the form of unpaid dues from clients. For a profession already cited as underpaid and under-recognized, unsettled payments can prove a setback in any architecture practice’s financial well-being. Addressing this issue, the Council on March 31, 2023, announced the launch of its new Recovery Agency, which would be responsible for recovering these outstanding dues on behalf of architects.

Any architect can approach the recovery cell of the Council, which would then file a case on their behalf against the client. The entire process, from reaching out to the Council to the recovery of fees, is to be completed within 30 days. In case of failure to do so, the Council shall compensate the Architect with the entire unpaid amount. The Recovery Agency will also maintain a register of clients- repeated defaulters shall face legal action from the Council. The Council will keep some ‘cut’ from the recovered fee to meet its expenses.

While the policy is expected to come into effect very soon, many cite this as a relief for Architects, who consider the community’s financial safeguarding the Council’s responsibility

Regardless, this is the first time the Council has voluntarily taken up a monetary concern of Architects. It is inviting architects to send their suggestions by April 30, 2023. ArchitectureLive! reached out to some recovery agencies to understand the process. However, they refused to comment, stating that their past payments were still due from the Council. 

Whether this new policy indeed lifts the profession’s financial prospects, only time and the actual existence of such a policy will tell. For now, none of this should be taken seriously- especially because this was just a figment of our imagination as we wanted to celebrate April Fool’s Day with our readers. While we indeed empathize with the community which does deal with unpaid and delayed dues, for now, we only wish everyone a day filled with laughter, jokes and harmless pranks at the expense (a little bit of pun intended) of this unethical practice!

Happy April 1st and best wishes for the new financial year to all architects.

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  1. सारे साल ही मूर्ख बनते हैं हम लोग. CoA हमें आरटीआई में उत्तर देती है कि CoA फर्जी आर्किटेक्ट के खिलाफ कार्रवाई करने के लिए FIR दर्ज नहीं कराती.
    Registered Architects अपनी renewal fee जमा कराने में देर कर दे तो 365/- रू सालाना जुर्माना. अगर आप विदेश चले गए दस साल के लिए तो वापिस आ कर फीस के साथ रू 3650/- का जुर्माना भी लगाया जाएगा.
    Architecture colleges में Faculty को यूजीसी के अनुसार सैलरी नहीं.
    देश भर में empanelment के नाम पर आर्किटेक्ट से municipalities द्वारा अवैध वसूली..
    लिस्ट लम्बी है.
    पहली अप्रैल नहीं साल भर मूर्ख बन रहे हैं हम और आप.
    IIA और CoA मिल कर आप की सेवा में संलग्न हैं.
    सवाल पूछिए तो आप नकरात्मक घोषित कर दिए जाते हैं.
    जय जय मूर्खता दिवस.
    शुभकामनाएं और बधाई…

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