Experience Center for Baashyaam, Bengaluru by CnT Architects

B.Arch Thesis: Probin Nibash at Panchghori, Sylhet by SK Tanvir Ahmed

B.Arch Thesis project by SK Tanvir Ahmed at Sylhet
Experience Center for Baashyaam, Bengaluru by CnT Architects

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B.Arch Thesis: Probin Nibash at Panchghori, Sylhet by SK Tanvir Ahmed 1

What is an old age home?

Old age home is home of old men and old women. This is the housing system for the elderly. Usually, each person in the room or every couple gets a room or room suit.


As a result of various advances in medical science, the average life expectancy of human beings has increased and the number of elderly people has increased all over the world. Most of the elderly in Bangladesh usually live in families and have children with their own children.

The social, psychological, and economic changes that have led to the collapse of the coalition family, which have left the elderly in the dark about all their important rights, shelter, and the unrighteousness of their homes.

A survey found that 88 percent of the children in Bangladesh live foreign. That is, their parents don’t have much contact with them. The old men of the world are on the ground in the economic crisis. 37 percent of the red-reading adults live alone or husband and wife live together.

  • According to the Bureau of statistics-1994, the number of elderly populations of the country covers 5.07%. Definitely, the elderly population is a significant group of people in our national life.
  • As of 2019, over 13 million people living in Bangladesh are aged over 60 which is 8% of the country’s total population. The proportion of older people is expected to double to 21.9% in 2050 with 36 million people aged over 60. This means that for every five Bangladeshis, one will be a senior citizen.
  • Many NGOs have done many facilities for the elder aged people through rehabilitation, food, medical services, and so on.
  • ln 1999, 10 February a decision is taken in the meeting under the observation of honorable Prime minister while Shanti Nibash project is being considered. The rich senior will have a scope to reside in the home on payment.


The idea behind the design was to upgrade the living standard by creating socially interactive, co-living spaces by creating re-creation spaces. The main concepts are,

Sense of ownership, for this there has a small court to feel them an own garden. When they plant a tree with themselves, they have to work to take care of this plant. They make a schedule to do this work. They will be busy with the plantation.

Purposeful walkability, for this there is a pavement surrounding the site. This pavement can be used for both for the senior citizens can walk there though in our country maximum senior citizens are facing diabetics diseases and also in emergency case there can be used for the ambulance.

Pro-active daily routine with charming actions by fishing, they can do it surrounding the canal and also there is a pond in design, by telling stories to the children, there is a school in designed in the front side, by gardening where they can cultivate vegetables.

B.Arch Thesis: Probin Nibash at Panchghori, Sylhet by SK Tanvir Ahmed 3

The master plan

A 20’ wide primary road is proposed on the site, where all kinds of vehicles can access. From the entry lobby, there is an admin which roof is used as a café for the visitors. To this lobby, there is a corridor that is connected to both the medical and the school. There is also a connection to the male and female dormitories.

From the entry lobby, there is a straight corridor that is first connected to the yoga center and the library and in the end, there is a sitting space in front of the pond. This connects the semi-public zone in a line.

On this site, the main focus of view is the surrounded canal. So, the dormitories for the seniors both male and female are designed beside the canal side so that from each room they can see this natural water body. There is also a special idea for the senior citizens in the small garden for gardening or cultivating vegetables. These courts are also faced with the canal. So that when they enjoy the gardening, they can also feel the view.

In male dormitories, there is a male indoor games area that is connected to the central space. and a service block to serve the male zone.

In female dormitories, there is also a female indoor games area that is connected to the central space and a service block to serve the female zone.


There are four types of clusters:

  • Three person’s room
  • Two person’s room
  • Single person’s room
  • Couples room

In every cluster and each floor, there is one dining for 10 persons, a TV room, a small kitchenette, and a caregiver station, and from this common space, there is a connection to the court.


The building process involves the use of local materials and the participation of local dwellers in construction work. Brick walls, brick pave, concrete floor and concrete roof are proposed to build the dwelling units. There is a think of future extension the extension will be vertical.

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