Planet Kids at Bangalore by Cadence Architects

Planet Kids at Bangalore by Cadence Architects

The brief of Planet Kids called for the design a primary school on a tight site in an urban residential neighbourhood. The program comprising of classrooms, library, multipurpose space, activity rooms and various play areas demanded the building to be comprised of five floors including the basement.

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KMYF at Bangalore by cadence Architects

KMYF at Bangalore, by Cadence Architects

The requirement was to build a 30-bed dialysis center. The unique feature of the site was that it was adjacent to an ancient South Indian Temple which was revered by the neighborhood for both its architectural presence and religious value.

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B1-Cadence Architects-Bengaluru

B1, Residence at Bengaluru, by Cadence Architects

The residence sits in an urban fabric where the immediate context is a busy street and a lack of foliage for the house to respond to. The house is designed on a plot measuring 45’x90’, located in a typical Indian neighbourhood flanking the busy street.

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