Architects and Architectural Projects from India

Category featuring the architectural and design projects from top architects in India. Architecture in India featured through an array of works from different typologies and contexts by popular architects in India.

Mangalore | The Old Order of Changeth

As the dawn breaks over Mangalore, M. Gopakumar shares his poetic journey through its streets, where stately houses whisper tales of bygone eras, cricket fields harbor hidden delights, and the aroma of milky tea mingles with the essence of nostalgia.

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Publicness As An Architectural Act – Case Of Museum of Art and Photography and Bangalore International Centre

In their insightful analysis of Bangalore’s contemporary architectural landscape, Surabhi and Ramalakshmi, from Samvad Design Studio, delve into the nuanced public intent and architectonic qualities of two prominent buildings. With keen observations, they dissect the Museum of Art and Photography (MAP) and the Bangalore International Centre (BIC), revealing their spatial strategies and societal implications.

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