May 5, 2020

Building Biology - Raman Vig

Building…and it’s Biology – Raman Vig

When I first came across the word ‘Building Biology’, it left me a bit amused and intrigued. Over past few decades, I had never heard about it during studies or practice of architecture! Yet, little did I suspect that ‘Building biology’ will become so integral to my perception of ‘holistic space design’ that it will mark a distinct milestone of sorts in my professional journey! In this article, I hope to share my understanding of this subject and how it has potential to herald a ‘new era of design consciousness’ in our architecture. Before we delve any further in understanding ‘Building Biology’ , it will be worthwhile to examine following facts; – Raman Vig

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Human Bio-field

Human Bio-field, Immunity and Toxin overload- Raman Vig

A strong and balanced ‘Bio-field’ (also known as ‘Prana-shakti’ or ‘Chetna’ in India, ‘Chi’ in or ‘Qi’ in Oriental expression or commonly as ‘aura’) is the basis of good physical, mental and spiritual health. Our state of ‘Well Being’; both within and with the world around us, are the spontaneous outcomes of ‘experiencing good health holistically’.

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 – कशी आणि कोणी घडवली असेल ही ‘घागर’? (Story of Water Pot)

भांडी – रोज वापरात येणारी वस्तू. वर्षानुवर्षे आपल्याबरोबरीने आपल्या कुटुंबाचा भाग बनलेली असतात; मग ते बारश्या-मुंजीला आजीने दिलेलं चांदीचं भांडं असो किंवा नवीन घर थाटताना आपण हौसेने आणलेली ताटं-वाट्या असोत. काही भांडी तर कित्येकदा कुटुंबाची ओळख सुद्धा बनून जातात. ताट-वाट्या, पराती, कढया, पातेली, सतेली, लोट्या, कळश्या या सगळ्यांमध्ये भारताची अशी विशेष वस्तू म्हणजे  ‘घागर’. भारतीय घरांमधला हा अविभाज्य घटक म्हणता येईल! कोणत्याही खेड्यात अथवा शहरी घरांमध्ये ही ‘घागर’ दिसेलच दिसेल. कुठे तिला कळशी म्हणतात. हंडा हाही या घागरीचाच चुलत भाऊ. आपली सांस्कृतिक, प्रादेशिक आणि सामाजिक विविधता सामावून घेतलेली ही  ‘घागर’ आपल्या वस्तू जगताचा ल.सा.वि ठरतो.

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Masala Republic by RMDK Architects

Masala Republic at Hyderabad, by RMDK Architects

A chic restaurant in the young city of Hyderabad, Masala Republic is designed as a celebration of the quirks, vibrance and liveliness of the youth and their aspirations. Conceptualized by Dhruva Kalra of RMDK as a rich sensory experience with the playfulness of modern aesthetics, this restaurant is the perfect balance of elegance, comfort and contemporariness.

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Architecture Discipline

Studio 3, New Delhi, Office of Architecture Discipline

Studio 3, New Delhi, Office of Architecture Discipline – As the studio enters its teenage years of existence, it demanded a fun yet “architecturally charged” environment to conduct business. Moving out of a busy commercial surrounding to a quiet piece of land amidst blooming mustard fields hidden within the commotion, that is Delhi.It can be challenging to locate the studio; placed within the quaint boulevards lined with ficus foliage often hindering views to the randomly placed non-descriptive black gates. However, the gate has a “white” google pin for the curious eyes.

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