April 12, 2019

Neel Sutra - Architecture Discipline

Neel Sutra, Gurugram, Interior Design by Architecture Discipline

The India Fashion Store has envisioned the hut as a rudimentary notion of shelter. A candid reference is made to the Single Line hut diagram; planned in the form of the veritable architectural notion of the Plan, section and the Walls, a hut-like section with a pitched roof allows for the generation of a strong axis that facilitates the demarcation of the space into the two key components of a retail store- display and movement.

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Ramada Darjeeling

RAMADA Darjeeling, by R+D Studio

The project emphasizes on a multi-scalar approach to site and program, embracing local, regional, and global scales and advancing the role of an architect as a catalytic and thoughtful practitioner who places himself among diverse actors, existing conditions, and imagined futures.

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