July 9, 2018

Workspace for White Tree Architects at Shreyansh Lunkad, Sachi Lunia Lunkad

The basic idea behind how our office should be was very clear that we wanted it to be minimal and contemporary with three shades ‘white’ showing simplicity and making the spaces full of light; ‘grey’ making the space earthy and compliments white ; ‘blue’ the highlighting colour adding a spark to the liveliness to the space. Stepping inside WTA 700 Sq.Ft.of space via staircase up, an old window installed at its ceiling enlightens the path.

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Prodigitas M+P Architects

Interior Design for Prodigitas at Pune, by M+P Architects

With such a brief, we kept divisions to a minimum and a third of the floor space as the common work area with two large work tables in MS supports and engineered wood sheets. One cabin is used by the directors or as a common meeting room with the smallest soundproof cubicle being the calling space. The balcony overlooking some trees is used as a lunch and break space.

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