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Architecture for us is a discourse between built-form and the space around. We engage ourselves in understanding the user requirement to define the project’s vision. The process involves a logical understanding of the physical environment, analyzing the constraints, socio- cultural structure and critical analysis to evolve form and space. We thrive to forge spatial quality that liberates and enriches the inhabitant’s imagination through the journey of transformation and transcendence. Our deep understanding and admiration for Indian art and architecture, ancient spatial science and contemporary building technology are very special to our outlook.

Pranav Bharathi. D, founder of innate studio, hails from a family of traditional architects and sculptors who has contributed in the planning of towns, temples, houses and various built forms for the welfare of culture and society. He has nurtured a strong passion and commitment towards architecture and hence have taken it up professionally.

Prior to founding innate studio, Pranav was associated with architectureRED, a leading architectural studio practice based in Chennai, India. He has involved in various stages of project design, from the conceptual design until the execution. The studio is more into research and development, where the interpretations are derived from research and hands-on experiments. Later worked with RSP design consultants, India- One of the leading design practices in the country, gave him an opportunity to work on large-scale projects for world-renowned companies like Novartis, Bosch, Infosys. Being an international office he engaged in collaborating with other international offices across the world like HoK, RSP Singapore and Gensler with respect to concept design and project development.

Pranav pursued his under graduation at SRM University, Chennai, India from 2006 to 2011.  Which provided the opportunities to inspect and experiment with diverse typologies. Learning that the design of built spaces can reflect the character and innateness of the society to a great extent. Further, He pursued masters at The Glasgow School of Art, UK. The exposure molded the thought process to a larger amount. Perceived that the built form should cohesively weave into its context and be an intrinsic fragment of the urban landscape.

Alongside his practice, he is working as a part-time faculty at School of Architecture-Hindustan University, where he mentors the young minds to think, discover and create. He contemplates the transformative pedagogy in which learning is identified as changing as a person.

He believes that architecture cannot be learned, it has to evolve gradually through observation, travel, association with people of various backgrounds and most importantly through the reflection of oneself. He believes, to truly express one has to experience.

Address: 22/46, 1st St, Kazura Garden, Neelankarai, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600041
Black Taj - International Competition at Agra by Innate studio

Black Taj – International Competition at Agra by Innate studio

The intervention attempts to celebrate Taj Mahal as an epitome of an architectural poetry and physical manifestation of a soulful proposition of the mighty builder Shah Jahan. Whereas, the Black Taj reveals its emptiness through three-dimensional spatial projection. The emptiness holds the space, where the people are purged and aligned by the ecstatic illumination and perfection of Taj Mahal.

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