Goonmeet Chauhan

G D Goenka School, Sarita Vihar, new Delhi

G. D. Goenka School, Sarita Vihar, Delhi, by Design Forum International

The two-acre site sits on a fairly busy road, which mandated a pre-requisite of a sound-proof building and as a result with a brief of being completely air-conditioned as well. One acre of the total site area is demarcated for the sports facilities, and the remaining 1 acre was intended to accommodate the academic facilities and the parking for the 14 in-house school buses. To enable this parking for buses in order to create a safe boarding system for the children, the entire built volume is therefore lifted up on the stilts and the setback area is used to park the buses in straight files in a manner by which the children can queue up in straight files in the stilted areas. – Design Forum International

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