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Put Your Hands Together, Mumbai

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Nirvana Joy and Peace in Khadavli by Put Your Hands Together


Put Your Hands Together is a Bio Architecture firm that designs within the ecosystem, engages with community and builds with local and natural materials. Our practice advocates the philosophy of appropriate architecture by designing within the ecosystem while engaging with the communities. The work seamlessly weaves soothing user experiences with the grace of natural materials. Our main focus is to design houses and buildings that give us sukoon! Beyond all the sensibilities and conscience, our constant design goal from each piece of work is to make it soulful. A structure that is built while respecting the five elements of the universe can offer a balanced peaceful experience.


Areen Attari
Areen Attari is an architect and co-founder of Put Your Hands Together. Since 2011, he’s been teaching at various colleges in Mumbai. He has been involved in a lot of community projects with his team. He has also been conducting various natural building workshops. Areen was actively involved in building a house prototype for the locals post the Nepal earthquake in 2015. Areen can be found on weekends supporting his favourite team Manchester United.

Shahveer Irani

Shahveer Irani is an architect and co-founder of Put Your Hands Together. He has participated in international workshops. He enjoys playing video games in his free time.

Key works by Put Your Hands Together

Put Your Hands Together, Mumbai 1
Someplace, Manali
Put Your Hands Together, Mumbai 3
Nirvana Joy and Peace
Put Your Hands Together, Mumbai 5
Good Karma in Farmhouse

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