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Plan:b, Guwahati

Chitra Vishwanath


Plan:b is an architectural office that defines its work through a practice in which equal status is given to dialogue, drawing, travel, model making, construction, etc. and which continuously handles professional or academic situations, publication of books, college classes or construction of buildings. Plan: b trust in working collaboratively, making of it a statement of architecture and understands the practice and the architectural project as open situations, provisional agreements, phenomena not imposed and embedded in eco-social networks both local and worldwide. Since 2000 to 2005, this working group was led by architects Felipe Mesa and Alejandro Bernal, from 2006 until 2010 was led by Felipe Mesa, and is currently led by Felipe Mesa in partnership with Federico Mesa. The plan:b work is generated primarily through participation in architectural competitions, and collaborating with other professionals in those projects is constant and diverse. Over the years work has been shared with people like Miguel Mesa (Mesa Publishers), Juan David Diez (Taller Estándar), Camilo Restrepo, Giancarlo Mazzanti, Felipe Uribe, Ana Elvira Velez, Izaskun Chinchilla,  Hernando Barragan, Maria Jose Sanin and Manuel Villa y Ctrl/G.

Key works by Plan B

Plan:b, Guwahati 1
Rohini Jironi Homes


Plan:b, Guwahati 3
Walk Through Aviary


Plan:b, Guwahati 5
Residence Refurbishment


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