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plan B, Guwahati

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plan B is a multi-disciplinary design firm based in Guwahati. Started in 2010 by Bhaskar Barua, the firm has been involved in design of residential, institutional buildings and religious buildings of varying scales, residential and commercial interiors and retrofitting of existing buildings. The firm has specialization in designing enclosures for animals and are the consultant architects for the Assam State Zoo in Guwahati. Trained in Sustainable Design Practices, the firm has required expertise in Design and Turnkey Consultancy for both Architectural and Interior Design Projects.

plan B, in association with a few other Guwahati based Architects, is also instrumental in conceptualizing and organizing SiX, a Biennial Festival aimed at generating public awareness about Architecture.


People at plan B Architects, Guwahati

Bhaskar Barua

Principal Architect

A graduate from SPA, New Delhi, Bhaskar started plan B in 2010. He has worked on varied building typologies, both in Guwahati and in Delhi, and has a good understanding of sustainable design practices. He is one of the key persons behind SiX, a collaborative effort by a group of architects to generate and increase public awareness about architecture. Bhaskar also part-times as tour manager for 108PILGRIM, a Delhi-based indie band consisting of architects and planners.

Rupalim Choudhury

Associate Architect

Born and schooled in Shillong, Rupalim graduated in Architecture from MSRIT, Bangalore. She did her Masters in Sustainable Environmental Design at AA, London, where her academic research was on understanding the relationship between animals and their use of space in captive environments. She joined plan B as an Associate in 2014 and has been working on the design of various animal enclosures at the Assam State Zoo, Guwahati. She is interested in applying alternative and sustainable design solutions to all projects.

Inaka Sema

Associate Architect

Inaka graduated from SPA, New Delhi in 2011. After working for a couple of years in Delhi, he came back to Nagaland to start Fatmass Architecture. He has also been an Associate at Plan B since 2014 and works on specific projects providing valuable insights stemming from his minimalistic approach to design and understanding of materials. He has recently completed his Masters from TU Delft, and is currently based in The Netherlands.

Sujata Hazarika

Associate Architect

Sujata has been associated with plan B since 2012 as an intern during her graduation from GCA, Guwahati. She has completed her Masters in Landscape Architecture from Deakin University, Melbourne and has variously worked in Guwahati, Delhi and Melbourne. As an Associate, she has been working on different projects and is also in charge of compiling and presenting the firm’s portfolio.   

Key works by plan B

plan B, Guwahati 1
Rohini Jironi Homes


plan B, Guwahati 3
Walk Through Aviary


plan B, Guwahati 5
Residence Refurbishment


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