M.N.Ashish Ganju Book 1

Thinker and Architect

Born in 1942, Ashish Ganju set up his architecture and planning practice in 1972, in New Delhi, after finishing his architecture education from the Architectural Association School of Architecture, London, and returning to India for higher education. 


In 1983, he formally set up GREHA, a not-for-profit organization, along with his colleagues, that has been instrumental in addressing issues of environmental development and urbanization particularly for marginalized populations, ever since. Additionally, GREHA has made an immense contribution to architectural education by critically examining contemporary architectural pedagogy advocating architecture as a socially relevant act. His practice of architecture, involvement in setting up the TVB School of Habitat Studies in New Delhi, and participation in the Building Beauty Programme, based on Christopher Alexander’s theories at Sorrento, are indicative of his concern for holistic and humane architecture.


Edited by Narendra Dengle, the book offers a window into Ashish Ganju’s way of life, work, and practice. In addition to some of his key works, presented through drawings, images, and the written word, the book also features many important essays and reflections contributed by his associates, friends, colleagues, and clients. 

M.N.Ashish Ganju Book 3

Launching on May 04, 2024


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