A vibrant year behind us; an eventful one ahead! – ArchitectureLive! in 2023

What an exhilarating and momentous year 2023 has been for ALive! Looking back, it’s remarkable to see how far we’ve come.

When we set out at the start of 2023, our goal was modest – to publish 52 thoughtful perspectives, opinions, and critical pieces on architecture and urbanism over the course of the year. But thanks to the passion and dedication of our contributors and readers, we far surpassed that target, publishing over 120 articles touching on a diverse range of timely issues.

From introspective reflections on the state of the architecture profession and education, to urgent calls for heritage conservation amidst rampant demolition, to insightful commentary on pressing urban challenges, the discourse on ALive! has been stimulating and impactful. 

Beyond architecture and planning, we also hosted enriching dialogues on the role of artificial intelligence in design, the art of architectural photographyFuture Trajectories; the value young architects are adding to the built environment and Architecture of Academic Environment.

Contributors from across India and beyond brought unique regional perspectives, while students and seasoned practitioners alike offered important voices to the conversation. This diversity of backgrounds and viewpoints is what makes the ALive! community so vibrant.

We also made great strides with initiatives like the Gender Parity in Architecture Profession Survey, which saw participation from across the country and left a remarkable impact on the fraternity.

ArchitectureLive! was also privileged to contribute to and be a part of the Ministry of Culture, Government of India’s maiden Art, Architecture and Design Biennale, which is happening at the iconic Red Fort.

As we step into 2024, the excitement and momentum around ALive! are palpable. Our readership and contributor base continue to expand. The passion for sharing ideas, starting debates, and shaping dialogues on the built environment remains strong. There is so much more ground we can cover together.

I would also like to thank the incredible ArchitectureLive! team, whose hard work and dedication were integral to making 2023 such a success. I invite you all to visit our 2023 Wrap Up Page.

To all of you who contributed your thoughts and articles to ALive! this past year, and to our readers who engaged with our content, I offer my wholehearted thanks. It’s your enthusiasm that made 2023 such a success, and will continue to drive us forward into the new year.

Last, we are always listening and open to receive feedback from our community. If you have a feedback for us, leave it HERE – and help us make ALive! better for everyone. And, do join ALive! Community on WhatsAPP.

Here’s to an even more thought-provoking and uplifting 2024!


Rajesh Advani
Founding Editor


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