October 7, 2021

JP House at Bangalore by Kumar La Noce

Built on a compact 180 sqmt site, the house is distributed on three levels and includes two interconnected apartments; living, working and studio spaces for the family of an illustrator on two levels, and the ground floor housing their elderly parents. The street facing front side of the house is sheathed by a light blue perforated screen. Incorporating a system of openable panels this screen allows the house to breathe and respond to the flows of nature, daylight and conditions outside.

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Span Architects

Yellow Stone House, at Indore, by Span Architects

As the name suggests, the abode carries an interesting identity of the yellow stone cladding along with the majority of the facade. The entire elevation has a few vertical surfaces of walls that incline at angles taking it away from the two-dimensional world of drawing. This in turn helps to capture a sensation of movement over in a static state. The structure, almost frozen in movement embraces the concept of light and ventilation with large openings, transparent surfaces, and shadow play. – Span Architects

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