Decoding Architecture of the Academic Environment

ArchitectureLive!'s initiative, 'Decoding: Architecture of the Academic Environment' focuses on the architecture of academic institutions and attempts to comprehend the role of architecture and architects in designing institutional settings.

Shardashish school, Chhapi, by Indigo Architects

The Shardashish school at Chhapi by Indigo Architects, part of the CSR initiative of the Torrent group, include a pre-primary, primary, secondary, and higher secondary school, administration, an assembly hall, a playground, a library, and congregational spaces


GHSS, Karapparambu by Design Ashram

The renovation design of the GHSS, Karapparambu by Design Ashram has undergone a master plan intervention, keeping some structures intact with modifications, and others demolished and reconstructed, partially or fully. 

Mirambika School, New Delhi by SHiFt

Mirambika School, by SHifT Architects, is a ‘free progress’ school where the stress is on child-centric value-oriented education. `

Aparna World School, Jharsuguda by Shubhra Raje Built Environment

The Aparnaa School is a site for the testing of ideas, and an environment which is able to hold within itself many meanings of use and of growth. A place where the age of time is measured on and with the manmade.

Delhi Public School, Kollam, by Studio Evolving Radical Aesthetics

The project had to be a canvas for bright young minds, while reflecting the quality of education provided by this reputed chain of schools.