Masterplan Design Ideas Competition

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Updated: May 27, 2013

Important message from the trust:

” The Trust hereby intimates that it has been constrained to review action on stated Process of Review and evaluation, given the receipt of only two valid entries to the IDEAS Competition. We appreciate the respondents; the final declaration of Review will be put up by 5th June 2013.”


Updated: May 03, 2013

The last date for submission has been extended to May 6, 2013. PLEASE REFER TO THE UPDATED COMPETITION GUIDELINES.

 Competition Brief:



Om Jagat Guru Janardan Swami Moungiriji Maharaj Sanskarit Vishwashantidham Nirman Sanstha wishes to develop a Vishwashanti Dham- a place where visitors will be enlightened about Indian cultural heritage through many experiences and exhibitions. The intention is to promote and enliven the awareness of patriotism and also the oneness of the entire universe, omnipresence of the universal shakti-spirit in living and non-living things.

Some ideas which were churned across by the Sanstha, but not limited to these are:

  • To develop world famous place, of sufficient bearing; humble, yet spectacular.

  • To introduce various Indian saints, their teachings and their life.

  • To introduce Freedom Fighters & Significant Personalities of India.

  • To introduce the “Navnath” sect and its followers.

  • To introduce the “Varkari” sect and its followers.

  • To introduce Babaji’s life, his experiences and his teachings.

  • To introduce various Religions in India and abroad, their promoters, their symbols.

  • To impress upon the Unity of all.

  • To introduce various aspects of Yoga and the importance of asanas.

  • To introduce various Art forms and their importance to the general wellbeing of a person or the populace at large.

  • To develop an inspiring landscape which fosters curiosity and learning.

  • To make a thriving place with continuous programmes, performances, competitions, lectures, camps being conducted round the year.

A site map with main features of the site is given showing the access from the main road. The main stream flowing through the site is shown on the plan. This may be exploited to form a water body and surplus water can flow back into the stream. The entire place should be an experience with the help of activities of boating/ nature walk/ mini train ride/ light shows/ laser shows/modern Audio-visual experiences/ participatory work/ play areas/ mobile and stationary sculptures etc.

It is of note that the site is in the neighbourhood of the World famous Ellora Rock-cut and Cave architecture; the significant Provincial architecture of the Daulatabad Fort; and the Medieval ‘Jyotirlinga’ Temple of Ghrusneshwar Mahadev at Verul.

The Master Plan for the proposed development shall be submitted to suitable scale with conceptual sketches and adequate explanatory sections, elevations and details.

Participants are encouraged to think with freedom and bountiful imagination within a discipline of the Context and site stated.




1. Verul Ahsram map – JPEG File

2. Verul Ashram Layouts – Zip File

3. Santha – Ellora – Advertisement – DOC File

6 Responses

  1. “A site map with main features of the site is given showing the access from the main road. The main stream flowing through the site is shown on the plan.”… uh… where is that? This competition still does not mention the overall project brief of desired structures… dharamshala? residences? various built facilities?

    More info required… unfortunately their website also does not provide.

    1. This an Ideas Competition, feel free to suggest desired structures . . The competition encourages to think freely & not get locked ‘in-search-of’ only buildings/typologies . . which of course, should not be only taken to mean indication of an experience devoid of buildings/infrastructure!

      Organiser Associate

  2. Dear Architecture Live… How can I follow this post so that I get updates in my inbox as soon as any changes are made onto this page (for eg. regarding this change i deadline)?

  3. Hi Dwaipayan, When you post a comment, below the message box, you should see two options, “Notify me of follow up comments via email” and the other “Notify me of new posts via email”. The former send you an email when somebody replies to the comments or posts comments and the later updates you of each new post. 🙂

  4. The Guidelines mention that the entries would be exhibited in a pubic gallery from 14-15th May. Please do let us know which gallery, so that we may tell our friends visiting Ellora to have a look. Many thanks!

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