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Screening of the architectural film ‘Kanade’

A documentary produced by Teepoi.

About the Kanade Architects

There is wisdom in their quietude, and life in the quaint walls that surround them. Shankar and Navnath Kanade are Architects known for their novel contribution to the built environment of Bangalore, and as teachers with unconventional ways of imparting knowledge. Their practice, Shilpa Sindoor spanning five decades, reinvented the housing typology to make it economically viable and relevant to the context of the city. Widely considered an important milestone in Indian Architectural history, their journey and experiences as architects and teachers are invaluable for the younger generation.They continue to be role models for their way of thinking that boldly defied time and convention.

 Read more about the Kanade architects HERE.

About the documentary ‘Kanade’

Teepoi’s mission is to carry the invaluable lessons of the Kanade brothers, to people across the country and beyond through the documentary series:

  • Kanade – the philosophy (50 minutes)
  • Keremane – row housing by the lake (15 minutes)
  • Jal Vayu Vihar – a housing complex (15 minutes)

‘Kanade: Philosophy’ encompasses their general outlook and life lessons. ‘Keremane’ and ‘Jal Vayu Vihar’ are detailed documentation films on the Kanade projects, which are currently in the editing stage.

View a glimpse of the ‘Kanade: Keremane’ film HERE


The film ‘Kanade’ captures the key aspects of their journey, including their upbringing, family life, education, profession and projects, among other milestones. In the process of filmmaking, the common threads between art, literature and architecture have been explored, hence making the film relevant to diverse audiences. For a deeper understanding of the Kanade philosophy, multiple perspectives of peers, students and even clients have been included in the film.


The transition from being a student to an architect in the field is overwhelming. One looks up to the Kanade brothers for their patience and perseverance through an unending career as teachers and also professionals in practice (Shankar’s first project materialised when he was 39 years old). Being from a village, they pushed themselves to create opportunities where there were none, and step ahead of their limitations to achieve greater goals. Success to them did not mean financial security alone, but the idea of doing good work no matter what the challenges.They overcame all obstacles and devised solutions that were rooted in the context in which they were designing. The Kanade brothers are a testimony of how life and work can coexist with honesty as the fundamental driving factor.This film is but an outlet to propagation of their wisdom, for the entire community of architects and more importantly to students who are to shape the future.

 Film screening

This documentary ‘Kanade’ is carefully curated, self initiated and self funded by Teepoi through all its phases (equipment, shooting, logistics, crew fee and editing), with mentorship from renowned architects.The production, as with all their documentaries, is driven by passion rather than commercial intent.It has taken five long years for completion of the series, the first part of which premiered at Designuru 3.0 in Bangalore on 20th December 2021.The film has been very well received by senior architects, students, critics and the general public.Through feedback and discussions, Teepoi is confident that the architectural fraternity sees great value in sharing the film through organised screenings. 

 Way forward

The film is meant to be showcased only through private, academic and public screenings; because propagation through online platforms would dilute the cause.The film is an immersive one that requires the uninterrupted attention of the audience.The experience is to be wholesome rather than watched on a small screen by a mere click.

The plan for the outreach:

Showcase of the film in Architectural colleges across the country. Public screenings of the film in multiple locations for diverse audiences. Community engagement between professionals and clients, students and teachers through panel discussions and plenary sessions. From this perspective based on Teepoi’s experience in curating such events and as architects themselves, the suggested structure is as follows:

An introduction to the film by Teepoi (5 minute)
Film screening (50 minute run time)
A discussion / Q&A / presentation* (20 minute)

*Teepoi is happy to discuss the screening format on a case to case basis. The discussion could either be about the film (making) or the architecture (subject). Post the film screening, a personal interaction with Mr. Navnath Kanade (subject to his availability) would add value to the audience, through a meaningful session. Given the time and resources invested in the making of this documentary film by Teepoi, a contribution towards the screening would be highly appreciated to support their initiative and ongoing endeavors. Teepoi looks forward to taking the film to interested parties, and getting together to celebrate an important moment in India’s contemporary architectural history. They are open to addressing any queries or to receive suggestions that can make this a momentous experience for the students.

Connnect with Teepoi

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +91 95388 75115

Please fill the form below to request the screening of ‘Kanade’ at your institute/organisation. We will revert asap with more details.

About Teepoi

 Teepoi is a media production house based out of Bangalore. They are a multi-disciplinary team of like minded individuals from architecture and film backgrounds. Teepoi’s goal is to celebrate people and culture through documentary films.

Stories everywhere

Teepoi’s initiatives are honest attempts at battling shortened attention spans, with untold stories that are slowly disappearing. Stories are represented through diverse mediums namely film, photography, graphic and literature, for experiential learning.

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