There’s truly nothing quite like the excitement of seeing your first set of professional drawings making it to the construction site, and witnessing the first project of your career coming alive. The joy of seeing your first project rise from the foundation, to the plinth, and to the final slab…diffculties with procurring the material, the finishing touches, finally it getting delivered and being occupied, just cannot be matched with. Be it a single function unit like a watchman’s cabin, or a house for your friend or relative, a primary school on outskirts of a city, or you may have got lucky to¬† work on a mega scale mixed use project right at the beginning of your professional career? Where did you work from? Home? Cafe? Garage, or a friend’s office? How did you get this project?

We invite you to share with us, the stories, the challenges that you may have faced, the experiences and everything that you learnt while working on your first built architectural project.

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Your first built architectural project

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  • Please submit as much information as you can, in a ZIP file: a. Images of the project (JPG Format) b. Drawings (JPG / PDF) c. Sketches (JPG) d. Project Facts (Name, Location, Area, Team, etc.) - Word file e. Story (Experiences, learning, challenges etc.) - Word File